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Monday, February 18, 2019

Living it through!

Sometimes, life has just so much in the plate for us, and we quite too often get stuck on things that aren't going our way, or not working as we thought it would to. Life has been quite hectic, since we decided it was time to move forward and move across states, to finally be able to take care of our son's health. Last year was very eventful in so many ways. And my family is so ready to change things up. We just cannot hold any longer. But we have been so blessed through our journey that we would sound ungrateful if we didn't acknowledge our blessings along the way.
One of the things I am most grateful, from this past year, was my decision to start my own home-based business. And tell you how much I have been learning about me and life, in general, is so hard to put into words.

Getting in business has been one of the most learning growth for me, and the biggest of all was the realization that to get on the top of the mountain there is so much self-development needed. This opportunity has shown me so much about me and my beliefs. It has taught me that not everyone loves and support you and that the biggest mistake we have is to build expectations upon others.

I have learned that in life we can only reach our goals once we learn how to give and serve. When our feelings are not dictating our actions. And that always, no matter what, there will be battles and obstacles.
I am so grateful for where I am emotionally right now. And even though I am so far behind on my dreams and goals, I can feel it will happen at the right time.
I have been learning to be patient. I am learning to step back and watch. I am learning to be involved and intentional.
What is the biggest lesson you have learned from last year?

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