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Saturday, January 5, 2019

:) Language Fundamentals Book Review!!!!

Homeschooling is something very beautiful and can seem even cliche, at some point. But being the teacher and educator of your own children is something very challenging. There are certain subjects that the children will take easy and flow, there are some that will require a little bit more of trying different ways and resources. Language arts is one of those hard to match subjects, especially when you are homeschooling children in different age groups and dealing with special needs.
I once read an article that state that when homeschooling there are certain things we should always keep in mind: a) make the curriculum work for you; b) you are in charge, and free to change what is not working; c) find a curriculum that will be engaging enough and will give your children freedom to learn on their own and on their time speed.
I am so grateful I came across this amazing curriculum and once again I am in love with it!!!!
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Evan-Moor Language Fundamentals is a very simple and yet complete curriculum. 
The Language Fundamentals provides instruction and practice in grammar, mechanics, usage, and vocabulary. Also, this curriculum features an explanation of the skill to practice on the top of each page, making it easy for the student to do the next assignment with minimal to no help, what comes really handy when you have multiple children in your homeschooling schedule :).  There is enough repetition to cement a skill and before moving on there are a few pages of a review!
Language Fundamentals
Another plus is that the curriculum is offered in printed (with perforated pages)  or ebook version, which could be helpful if your child is easy to lose focus, you have more than one child doing the same work, or if you need to take your work with you. Also, Common Core Language Standards are listed for each page if this is important to you.
I have been using this curriculum for 3 weeks now. My children really enjoy doing it and we are making great progress with my son. Since he is the one with the most challenges with writing, he loves that the pages are engaging and he has fun completing the work without feeling overwhelmed. I am
Since we haven't really focused on Language arts in the past I decided to start with grade 1, even though my older children are in grade 3, just because I wanted them to have a good foundation and was very pleased to find that we are for sure making great progress and they are enjoying the journey.
If you need a solid resource to fill a gap in your homeschool grammar curriculum for elementary kids, you can find Language Fundamentals books for grades 1-6.

I would really recommend this curriculum to all my friends.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this idea for a language arts curriculum. I love how your children feel successful when they use the activities with it!