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Thursday, January 3, 2019

It will be happening sooner than later!

As I sit here with my mother's heart racing and while my mind tries to take me to the worse place one can be: FEAR, I set myself to just pray and open my heart to God and his magnificent Love and Grace.
The last 4 years have been hard and no words would do it justice to describe everything my family has endured. But we would be beyond unfair if we didn't choose to recognize how blessed we are.
In the midst of everything, we were able to see light and stick together, even though sometimes it felt like breaking apart was inevitable.
I have no words to transcribe the rollercoaster that it is caring for a child with a chronic illness. On another hand, I came to realize and accept that we were entrusted the mission to guide those special little ones, and by strengthening through their overcome we might bring hope to those that are giving up way to easy and way to quickly.
We were gifted with beautiful, smart and strong little ones.
Today, as I come to realize that my dear son is one step closer to get his long waited transplant and that a year from now I will be writing to let the world know how Blessed I am to scream: "It is Done!"
Just the feeling that it is so close bring tears of joy to my eyes. And while we wait on the final steps and paper works, I would love to share a little piece of my treasure with you all:

Here is Caesar doing his daily violin Practice
Playing Allemanda by Bach

Recently the project to start to record some of his pieces was put to action. And last month 2 of his pieces were launched. His music can be purchased here, and I would truly appreciate your love and support for my hard-working hero! Music and Violin is his life. This is his passion and his safe spot. And I feel so grateful that he can experience it at its fullest.
I just cannot wait for the future to start to unfold!
Make sure you follow Caesar's social media to get his updates as soon as they are in. I hope to take you along with us on this journey!!!!!
FB: @Caesar7Sant
IG: @Caesar7Sant

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