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Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Lately, as I am immersed on this journey to get the better version of me out, I have been thinking a lot about Forgiveness. I even have debated with myself whether I should write about it, as it can be a hot and hard topic to put into words. 
But after a little talk with my 8 years old, and listening to her questioning me about me telling her we should always be understanding and forgiving, and she has witnessed me doing it over and over... still it stuck on her head why...
Sometimes, being inquired by the little ones around us can be very deep searching. And it will for sure make us go inside and try to understand things from a different perspective. I need to go very past my own pride in what I know and just while thinking about it, I went back to my early years of life.
Growing up, I have watched a dear family member being mistreated with hurtful words, by another family member. It caused so much rant on me back them because I didn't understand why he never said a thing back and even was the one to offer or sought for help. 
And all these articles and teachings about forgiveness has been coming daily to my feed and I needed to understand the meaning and calling of it. Forgiving is a good deed for us. It sets us free. And lots of time we will be hurt by people that have no idea of what they are doing because they have been hurt so badly at some point that they can see it another way. Forgiving is about to understand and having compassion. Sometimes you need to forgive and let go. Sometimes you need to give space and time. Forgiving is about you cleaning your heart from being hurt.
It isn't always easy though. And can very often be misunderstood. In the end, we are the ones choosing what is the path for us, nobody.
My very dear family member has blueprinted on me something so special, I have developed a degree of compassion, and I realized that after talking to my little girl.
Forgive others, not for them, or because they deserve or asked for forgiveness. Forgive because you deserve it!!


  1. Very good thoughts on forgiveness.

    I'm still working on perfecting the practice of it.


    1. Thank you so much!!! Your words mean so much for me, specially because I love you and how much your inspire me and so many other women!!!