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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Book REVIEW Time!!!!! Do you love Math????

Well well...
I am not so sure if whatever I will be saying won't sound so repetitive. And I am already apologizing to you for that, but I just have no better way to describe or say it without truly express my deep love for this curriculum.
My youngest child in our homeschool just turned 4, and one of the greatest and most beautiful things about homeschooling is that the child is the one leading and setting how the learning process goes. With my 2 oldest children, they were very close in age, and I was far younger and in a different stage of life. Most of our days were spent on the floor playing with blocks, books, and puzzles. They loved it and the little time they were allowed to watch something on the screen, most of the times I was beside then, making sure the watching was interactive and they could ask questions or learn how to say the same words in English/Portuguese or any other language they were into.
The gap between my 2 older ones and my youngest child is almost 5 years, and not only everything has changed in our household routines, but she also has a fierce and fiery personality, lol. Don't get me wrong, she is the sweetest and most caring little one you can ever meet, but she knows what she wants and how to make sure her needs and voice are heard.
At 4, my two oldest children were already reading and doing a grade above math. My little one knows her numbers and letters well. But she will fight and isn't happy about sitting down and doing any formal work. She is very smart and creative, so she will in a matter of minutes drive you nuts if you try to constrict her, haha.
I have been searching for a good way to help her master her basics math skills, and when I was presented with the opportunity to review the Math Skill Sharpeners, by Evan-Moor, I couldn't be more excited.

Math Skill Sharpener - Grade K

I was introduced to this curriculum about 4 years ago while searching for material to help my son relearn his write and reading skills! I just loved it and so did he!!! We had so much fun, and it didn't feel so painful or sad the fact that we were back at doing Grade K level. 
Math Skill Sharpener has just confirmed the reason why I fell in love with this curriculum!!!!
My daughter is so excited about sitting and doing her school work, and she will even push further and do extra pages. We are not hustling around mastering numbers and math skills anymore, Hurray!!!!!
Math Skill Sharpener - Grade K

I just love how fun and engaging this curriculum is. In special, when you are dealing with little people with very short patience. I find that colorful and exciting activities make learning less to no tear. She loves the fact that she can use her imagination and creation while still mastering math basics skills. And I truly appreciate because it makes my sitting/school time with her more enjoyable!

Math Skill Sharpener is a colorful and kids friendly book, with easy-to-follow instruction. The child once able to read can handle most of it on their own. In my case, I just read the instructions and my little one send me away. And since the curriculum is aligned with the current standards I am all set as of now!

Each Unit will provide a specific concept and will introduce many ways to see and understand it in a very child fun way. There is coloring, drawing, cut and glue... And also will provide enough practice, so that at the end of the unit the skill presented is mastered, since the book also provides a test page at the end of each Unit.

Another very important thing for me, and I truly love about this book is that the pages are perforated!!! I can easily detach and separate the work if needed as well I can make an extra copy if is the case.
Teaching my own children have been a great learning and challenge for me. My oldest one was very inquisitive and up until he started getting sick we were able to learn so much and in a speed that would concern me. My second child, since she was so close in age with her brother, was not behind at all. And ould just follow his steps and wanted to do everything he was doing. Baby girl has been slowly finding her way. And I have noticed she likes her space and she knows far more than she will allow you to see.

I am so grateful and beyond impressed on how much she has been learning and doing with our Math Skill Sharpener book!

And if you would ever wonder if I would ever recommend this curriculum to friends???? You bt I wouldn't hesitate!!!!
I think this is a great Curriculum if you are looking for interesting and fun ways to teach your children true math concepts without overwhelming them. 

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