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Monday, February 18, 2019

Living it through!

Sometimes, life has just so much in the plate for us, and we quite too often get stuck on things that aren't going our way, or not working as we thought it would to. Life has been quite hectic, since we decided it was time to move forward and move across states, to finally be able to take care of our son's health. Last year was very eventful in so many ways. And my family is so ready to change things up. We just cannot hold any longer. But we have been so blessed through our journey that we would sound ungrateful if we didn't acknowledge our blessings along the way.
One of the things I am most grateful, from this past year, was my decision to start my own home-based business. And tell you how much I have been learning about me and life, in general, is so hard to put into words.

Getting in business has been one of the most learning growth for me, and the biggest of all was the realization that to get on the top of the mountain there is so much self-development needed. This opportunity has shown me so much about me and my beliefs. It has taught me that not everyone loves and support you and that the biggest mistake we have is to build expectations upon others.

I have learned that in life we can only reach our goals once we learn how to give and serve. When our feelings are not dictating our actions. And that always, no matter what, there will be battles and obstacles.
I am so grateful for where I am emotionally right now. And even though I am so far behind on my dreams and goals, I can feel it will happen at the right time.
I have been learning to be patient. I am learning to step back and watch. I am learning to be involved and intentional.
What is the biggest lesson you have learned from last year?

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

My 1 year Anniversary!!!!

I still trying to believe that it has already passed one year!!!! And while I sit back and try to grasp everything about it, I cannot miss expressing how much this journey has built me. Wow...
A year ago, I was so scared but so determined to make something different. 
Yes, I have been living one of my dreams: motherhood, but for quite some time I have been feeling like I am made for more. I have been craving being more than only a stay-at-home mother, not that this is not a fulfilling and worthy duty, but because somewhat around it I started to lose who I am as an individual.
So true.

Our lives have changed so much since my son was last hospitalized. My husband is at home, and even though I am so grateful for him and his skills and abilities to help the children, mostly our son to improve and recover, it has been hard on us, not only financially, but emotionally and psychologically. 
So, when this opportunity, once more knocked my door, it felt right to jump in. And to tell you exactly the truth I had no idea what I was doing or had the financial means to do it. Deep in my heart, I knew I wanted it and needed it. They say, when something can't be taken away from your thoughts it is because it should be there. So I prayed about it, and that same week, after attending my 1st  conference call, a friend called me and while we were chatting I told her about the call and the opportunity and she helped me sign in.
I can't believe that one week in I had shred 4#, just by adding my skinny coffee

It hasn't been a straight up line, but this journey has been a great chance for me to learn about myself and my strength. More than just building a business and growing I have been able to make some strong and beautiful friendship connection with my business partners.
This journey has tought me so much, and were my company is going now is just mind blowing.
I just cannot wait to see where I will be in the years to come, and I am excited to get to the next level.
Happy 1 year Anniversary to me!!!!!
Are you proud of something you have done recently? No need to be a big accomplishment, even the first step count. Let me know in the comments below.
Talk to you soon.



Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills Grade 1 Review

One of the main things we have been struggling with our homeschool journey since my son last hospitalization was the fact that he lost his speed in reading and writing. And with it, he also started to get way more frustrated while doing his Language and Arts school work. We soon figured out that his major difficulties came due to his spelling. We have been working slowly to help him without overwhelm and make him feel sad.
So when the chance to do a book review with Spelling being the choice, I couldn't be more pleased and excited. I think is not any news the fact that I truly appreciate and love the curriculums from Evan-Moor, and I am always very happy when I get to work with some of their books.

Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills - Grade 1

It hasn't been different with Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills.
Even though my son is doing 4th-grade levels in most subjects, as of now, I decided to try and review the Grade 1. I find it is is always very helpful when you are trying a new curriculum to start with a beginning level so it will help the student build their confidence to reach the level they are currently working on.
With Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills Grade 1 we have done exactly it. And my son had so much fun. We were able to master and he could feel proud of his progress while most of it was reviewing, and he didn't face the frustration of being overwhelmed.

Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills Grade 1 Review

Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills Grade 1 is a very engaging and fun book to work with. The Units come in weeks and for each week it will focus on one spelling pattern - word list. Each day the child will have enough work to help them build and master a specific word list, with a lot of repetition and practicing. Then at the end of the week, you are provided with a test for that week skill learned. I think this is probably my favorite part, once it will give me the idea of whether or not we should move on or spend some extra time practicing a specific letter or words list. Also, the word list will increase in number and difficulty levels through the weeks, so it is for sure a building skill.

Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills Grade 1 Review

As many of Evan-Moor book, Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills Grade 1 comes in 3 formats: Teachers version - printed or ebook, and the student version. This curriculum is very affordable and I would definitively recommend it to any of my friends. I mostly will prefer the ebook version once this gives me more usage since I have 3 children in our homeschool. Also, it gives me the option to be able to take our work anywhere we go, since I could either print the work or it could be done electronically on a tablet or computer.

Teacher's book comes with reproducible Record Sheet and Certificate as well

So what is the hyper about this book???
Let me tell you😘
Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills is a 30-week program book that will gradually help your child learn and develop a good foundation in spelling. It covers from Grade 1-6. There are 2 versions of the book: Teacher's, with the option to for print or ebook - and it is reproducible, and the individual student workbook.

Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills Grade 1 Review

Saturday, January 19, 2019

I was chosen!

I have been currently finding myself in this spot where I feel like there is something always being revealed to me.
Since after my son's birth and finding out he was born with a genetic chronic illness, sickle cell anemia, I have experienced some deep dark moments. I have quite to often felt sad, guilty and angry. For the most part, I have uncovered it and outside no one could really pick up.


Unfortunately, my family has suffered tremendously from it, because not only I lost the desire to live and care for myself but quite too often I have no drive to do the same for anyone.
Scary, I know. But I have decided to come clear and clean on it. I have been on autopilot and doing the minimum to keep things looking good. When in fact it is far from the truth.
Recently, it came to me that I haven't been following my purpose in life and that is my main reason for being feeling so down. 
I was chosen for this mission because the Divine thought and knew I could bear it. And knowing what I know, as of now, I am at his disservice by not being truthful to my mission.
Hearing that your child was born with something abnormal is a scary and lonely spot to be. I've been there. And while there... with my inquisitive and need to "know more" personality, I have put myself in the place to learn as much as I could about his disorder. At some point, the knowledge I was getting was a way too much for my own sanity. But I am glad I learn so much about it.
I came to accept that I have the position and tools to help others going through this same road. And this is what I want to do now from on.
Talk to you soon :)



Wednesday, January 16, 2019

My little DaVinci

My Princess Artist, working at her last painting before going to an official art school. I still remember the first time my husband took her to the art class at Hobby Lobby and the instructor told him, he should take our daughter to the school, because she was special. My little brush started drawing she wasn't even 3, and arts is her passion. She enjoys making things out of paper, boxes and pretty much everything she can find and transform. We are so blessed that she was not only accepted at the art school, as well she got a full scholarship. For sure we couldn't afford it, but our baby is being given the opportunity to experience her gift and passion.

My Princess

The fact that we are moving, has been affecting her so much. Mainly because she is worried about her art school and classes. Quite too often I have been spotting her looking sad and crying, and it breaks my heart. I have been doing my all to reinforce to her that moving os for sure a big change, but she will have the opportunity to keep improving and developing her art skills and passion. Besides we are moving to a bigger city and there will be a lot of people and places there.

And while it all still on the making process, I feel more and more certain about the journey God has been preparing me for. Last year he answered one of my prayers, and he has been molding me and preparing me to become his instrument. I can't wait for the day, not only I will be able to help my family live our dreams and aspirations, but I can help my fellow friend that are enduring the same hardship my family do right now.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Book REVIEW Time!!!!! Do you love Math????

Well well...
I am not so sure if whatever I will be saying won't sound so repetitive. And I am already apologizing to you for that, but I just have no better way to describe or say it without truly express my deep love for this curriculum.
My youngest child in our homeschool just turned 4, and one of the greatest and most beautiful things about homeschooling is that the child is the one leading and setting how the learning process goes. With my 2 oldest children, they were very close in age, and I was far younger and in a different stage of life. Most of our days were spent on the floor playing with blocks, books, and puzzles. They loved it and the little time they were allowed to watch something on the screen, most of the times I was beside then, making sure the watching was interactive and they could ask questions or learn how to say the same words in English/Portuguese or any other language they were into.
The gap between my 2 older ones and my youngest child is almost 5 years, and not only everything has changed in our household routines, but she also has a fierce and fiery personality, lol. Don't get me wrong, she is the sweetest and most caring little one you can ever meet, but she knows what she wants and how to make sure her needs and voice are heard.
At 4, my two oldest children were already reading and doing a grade above math. My little one knows her numbers and letters well. But she will fight and isn't happy about sitting down and doing any formal work. She is very smart and creative, so she will in a matter of minutes drive you nuts if you try to constrict her, haha.
I have been searching for a good way to help her master her basics math skills, and when I was presented with the opportunity to review the Math Skill Sharpeners, by Evan-Moor, I couldn't be more excited.

Math Skill Sharpener - Grade K

I was introduced to this curriculum about 4 years ago while searching for material to help my son relearn his write and reading skills! I just loved it and so did he!!! We had so much fun, and it didn't feel so painful or sad the fact that we were back at doing Grade K level. 
Math Skill Sharpener has just confirmed the reason why I fell in love with this curriculum!!!!
My daughter is so excited about sitting and doing her school work, and she will even push further and do extra pages. We are not hustling around mastering numbers and math skills anymore, Hurray!!!!!
Math Skill Sharpener - Grade K

I just love how fun and engaging this curriculum is. In special, when you are dealing with little people with very short patience. I find that colorful and exciting activities make learning less to no tear. She loves the fact that she can use her imagination and creation while still mastering math basics skills. And I truly appreciate because it makes my sitting/school time with her more enjoyable!

Math Skill Sharpener is a colorful and kids friendly book, with easy-to-follow instruction. The child once able to read can handle most of it on their own. In my case, I just read the instructions and my little one send me away. And since the curriculum is aligned with the current standards I am all set as of now!

Each Unit will provide a specific concept and will introduce many ways to see and understand it in a very child fun way. There is coloring, drawing, cut and glue... And also will provide enough practice, so that at the end of the unit the skill presented is mastered, since the book also provides a test page at the end of each Unit.

Another very important thing for me, and I truly love about this book is that the pages are perforated!!! I can easily detach and separate the work if needed as well I can make an extra copy if is the case.
Teaching my own children have been a great learning and challenge for me. My oldest one was very inquisitive and up until he started getting sick we were able to learn so much and in a speed that would concern me. My second child, since she was so close in age with her brother, was not behind at all. And ould just follow his steps and wanted to do everything he was doing. Baby girl has been slowly finding her way. And I have noticed she likes her space and she knows far more than she will allow you to see.

I am so grateful and beyond impressed on how much she has been learning and doing with our Math Skill Sharpener book!

And if you would ever wonder if I would ever recommend this curriculum to friends???? You bt I wouldn't hesitate!!!!
I think this is a great Curriculum if you are looking for interesting and fun ways to teach your children true math concepts without overwhelming them. 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Caesar's Music is now available for purchase on his website!

Couldn't be more proud of my son for this big accomplishment. This project has been going on for a good 5-6 years now and is finally coming out. And let me tell you, it is so beautiful inspiring and touching.
Do not hesitate in check it out, and show your support by guaranteeing your copy right now. It would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Lately, as I am immersed on this journey to get the better version of me out, I have been thinking a lot about Forgiveness. I even have debated with myself whether I should write about it, as it can be a hot and hard topic to put into words. 
But after a little talk with my 8 years old, and listening to her questioning me about me telling her we should always be understanding and forgiving, and she has witnessed me doing it over and over... still it stuck on her head why...
Sometimes, being inquired by the little ones around us can be very deep searching. And it will for sure make us go inside and try to understand things from a different perspective. I need to go very past my own pride in what I know and just while thinking about it, I went back to my early years of life.
Growing up, I have watched a dear family member being mistreated with hurtful words, by another family member. It caused so much rant on me back them because I didn't understand why he never said a thing back and even was the one to offer or sought for help. 
And all these articles and teachings about forgiveness has been coming daily to my feed and I needed to understand the meaning and calling of it. Forgiving is a good deed for us. It sets us free. And lots of time we will be hurt by people that have no idea of what they are doing because they have been hurt so badly at some point that they can see it another way. Forgiving is about to understand and having compassion. Sometimes you need to forgive and let go. Sometimes you need to give space and time. Forgiving is about you cleaning your heart from being hurt.
It isn't always easy though. And can very often be misunderstood. In the end, we are the ones choosing what is the path for us, nobody.
My very dear family member has blueprinted on me something so special, I have developed a degree of compassion, and I realized that after talking to my little girl.
Forgive others, not for them, or because they deserve or asked for forgiveness. Forgive because you deserve it!!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

:) Language Fundamentals Book Review!!!!

Homeschooling is something very beautiful and can seem even cliche, at some point. But being the teacher and educator of your own children is something very challenging. There are certain subjects that the children will take easy and flow, there are some that will require a little bit more of trying different ways and resources. Language arts is one of those hard to match subjects, especially when you are homeschooling children in different age groups and dealing with special needs.
I once read an article that state that when homeschooling there are certain things we should always keep in mind: a) make the curriculum work for you; b) you are in charge, and free to change what is not working; c) find a curriculum that will be engaging enough and will give your children freedom to learn on their own and on their time speed.
I am so grateful I came across this amazing curriculum and once again I am in love with it!!!!
This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. I will receive a commission if you purchase from these links.  Thank you
Evan-Moor Language Fundamentals is a very simple and yet complete curriculum. 
The Language Fundamentals provides instruction and practice in grammar, mechanics, usage, and vocabulary. Also, this curriculum features an explanation of the skill to practice on the top of each page, making it easy for the student to do the next assignment with minimal to no help, what comes really handy when you have multiple children in your homeschooling schedule :).  There is enough repetition to cement a skill and before moving on there are a few pages of a review!
Language Fundamentals
Another plus is that the curriculum is offered in printed (with perforated pages)  or ebook version, which could be helpful if your child is easy to lose focus, you have more than one child doing the same work, or if you need to take your work with you. Also, Common Core Language Standards are listed for each page if this is important to you.
I have been using this curriculum for 3 weeks now. My children really enjoy doing it and we are making great progress with my son. Since he is the one with the most challenges with writing, he loves that the pages are engaging and he has fun completing the work without feeling overwhelmed. I am
Since we haven't really focused on Language arts in the past I decided to start with grade 1, even though my older children are in grade 3, just because I wanted them to have a good foundation and was very pleased to find that we are for sure making great progress and they are enjoying the journey.
If you need a solid resource to fill a gap in your homeschool grammar curriculum for elementary kids, you can find Language Fundamentals books for grades 1-6.

I would really recommend this curriculum to all my friends.

And as a Happy New Year gift! Now until 01/08/2019 you can Save 20% on your entire online purchase, including NEW and Revised 2019 titles! Use coupon code NEWYEARS20 at checkout.

Happy New Year Promos

Thursday, January 3, 2019

It will be happening sooner than later!

As I sit here with my mother's heart racing and while my mind tries to take me to the worse place one can be: FEAR, I set myself to just pray and open my heart to God and his magnificent Love and Grace.
The last 4 years have been hard and no words would do it justice to describe everything my family has endured. But we would be beyond unfair if we didn't choose to recognize how blessed we are.
In the midst of everything, we were able to see light and stick together, even though sometimes it felt like breaking apart was inevitable.
I have no words to transcribe the rollercoaster that it is caring for a child with a chronic illness. On another hand, I came to realize and accept that we were entrusted the mission to guide those special little ones, and by strengthening through their overcome we might bring hope to those that are giving up way to easy and way to quickly.
We were gifted with beautiful, smart and strong little ones.
Today, as I come to realize that my dear son is one step closer to get his long waited transplant and that a year from now I will be writing to let the world know how Blessed I am to scream: "It is Done!"
Just the feeling that it is so close bring tears of joy to my eyes. And while we wait on the final steps and paper works, I would love to share a little piece of my treasure with you all:

Here is Caesar doing his daily violin Practice
Playing Allemanda by Bach

Recently the project to start to record some of his pieces was put to action. And last month 2 of his pieces were launched. His music can be purchased here, and I would truly appreciate your love and support for my hard-working hero! Music and Violin is his life. This is his passion and his safe spot. And I feel so grateful that he can experience it at its fullest.
I just cannot wait for the future to start to unfold!
Make sure you follow Caesar's social media to get his updates as soon as they are in. I hope to take you along with us on this journey!!!!!
FB: @Caesar7Sant
IG: @Caesar7Sant

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 2019, everyone!

Wow, another year!!! 2019How blessed we are to have made it and to see another year. A new year is just like a blank journal. There are 365 blank pages to be written on and filled with so much!
For sure life will happen...
There will be many struggles to be overcome, there will be many victories to be celebrated.
We will welcome and say goodbyes. We will achieve and fail.
But the most important of all is that we need to be true and open to ourselves and go after our own happiness!!!!
Life is an eternal pursuit.
We are on this journey to be, become and evolve!
Every day we have choices to be made.
I truly wish you all a wonderful 2019!!!! A year full of dreams, health, and prosperity!!!!!
Happy New Year, everyone!!!!!!