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Friday, December 7, 2018

My baby is 4!!!!!

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Belle's cake

Birthday girl's wish was granted. And we, as usual, getting it in the healthy side... For coloring food, as the icing needed to be yellow, we used Turmeric.Hard to believe that my little bugga will be 4 in 38 hours😱😱😱.And it is fun to think that even though she was my 3rd child and I really got this birth thing figured out, on this particular one I was deadly scared. My labors are quick and we were collecting her cord blood to bank it. I was terrified about the fact that she could be born at home or on the way to the hospital and we get the Cord blood collection messed up... And later on when I read people's mean comments on my son's documentary I got really mad.No, I didn't conceive her just to save her brother. I conceived her because she was already in my heart and because even though life was tough to think about adding a new member, she is my miracleTo conceive her, I conquered one of my biggest fears: needles. And I broke down the thought that I couldn't get done something that required method and consistency. I was the one precisely giving myself each and every shot, even those evil progesterone ones (TMI - on my button) that needed to go on until I was 10 weeks pregnant😏.I went to the hospital 2 times before it was Go time. I knew she would come out fast, and she did😂😂😂. The second time I went I got so frustrated to be sent home and I told my husband that I would end up having her home... Then the next day (12/7)😏my contractions started at 12:30pm, and she was born 2:31pm. And we're blessed not only with a beautiful, big and healthy baby, but my doctor at the labor and delivery had so much experience with cord blood collection and got it done perfectly.

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