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Monday, December 17, 2018

Book Review: Evan-Moor Daily Phonics😘

Homeschooling children in different ages group can be challenging, especially when you deal with different degrees of learning speed. The beauty of homeschool, though, is that you are free to adapt and move the learning based on each individual child or group them if it for their best interest.
It can be a little more challenging when English isn't your first language, but I am blessed to say my English skills have been achieved thanks to the decision to be 100% involved in my children's education.
mamasant - evan moor
Daily Phonics

Recently I was presented with the opportunity to review the Daily Phonics, by Evan-Moor in exchange for my honest opinion about it and I was very happy to do so😘.
All 3 of my children are very similar in the sense that they do not appreciate being stuck in an activity that is not engaging and that will take some good amount of time to be accomplished. Once we fall on the boredom anything works.
I have been introduced to Evan-Moor a few years ago while helping my oldest child relearn some basics skills. We enjoyed every level of the curriculum we worked on. It hasn't been different with Daily Phonics.
Since my youngest is at the phase of learning the sounds and combinations of letters, I chose to review the Grade 1 book.
Not only I have been able to teach her phonics, but I have been also able to do quickly review with her older siblings. Besides practicing is never too much.

My children really enjoy doing their pages. And at times they will ask to do extra work since they have so much fun.
What I love the most about it is that not only it teaches the concept, but provides enough practice and ends up with testing the skill learned.
The fact that each page refers to a day, and each week focus on one set of letters and phonics is very helpful in mastering it.
Another very special factor to me is that Daily Phonics comes in either printed or ebook version, and it is ideal for families or even classrooms with multiple children. I usually prefer the ebook version, mostly because it gives me the option to reprint a particular day again if there is a need for extra practice. Or if we happen to be on the go, there are many PDF writing apps that allow the children to finish the work in the electronic version, as well.
Reviewing Short Vowel turning into Long vowel sounds

Have you ever tried the Daily Phonics? I would totally recommend this book to anyone homeschooling or not. Actually, just recently I was talking with a friend about it, as she mentioned her son is really struggling with spelling.
Let's keep the conversation in the comments below. And if you have used this amazing book before what did you think of it?


Mama Sant

* Disclaimer: This blog uses affiliate links and I will make a small portion out of anything purchased from it. My family would truly benefit from it. Keep it in mind and have a blessed one.

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