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Thursday, December 13, 2018

12 years ago....

23 years old me
A day short from the 12th Anniversary of my College graduation and since today was payday, I felt like I should be posting something related.
Yes, most of you might not know but I have a BA in Law from Brazil. I got married a few months after my graduation and left everything behind to start a new phase of my life in a new country. 
I was in love and the decision wasn't so hard, 😏.
Today, was an early payday for us, and my company made sure to do so since it's Christmas... I started my journey 10 months ago, my main goal was to be able to try the products with my family, since I fell in love with them first, while helping others do so. I can say that I have accomplished it. But shortly and while learning about this opportunity, I realize it is far more than just helping me afford my own personal products while helping others achieve their goals: health or financial, this opportunity has the potential to change my family's life. It gives us the possibility of going forward with our dreams and help others along the way.
Through this journey, I have been learning so much, especially about myself and I have grown far more than I even thought I needed to. 
Today I realized that more than ever this business was an answer to my prayers and that even though I might be far away from my goal, right now, I am on the way to accomplish it. And every day I am inspired and motivated to develop myself along the way to receive my desires with full capacity.
I have vowed to do not let the hardships of the now take my sight from the destination, because now more than ever I know God put it on my way because he knew it was a great option for my family.
And you can go along with me? What are your struggles right now? What has been heavy on your heart?


Mama Sant

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