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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Some of my favorites books to learn with my children.

One of the beauties of home- education is that you have the freedom to choose and adapt the learning process, plus
Spell & Writeindividualize it to each child as needed. Almost 4 years ago I was introduced to this serie of workbooks and fell in love. At the time we were working on relearning writing and basic spelling and this books worked very well.

I just love how the subjects are put I a way that keep the child engaged, learning and avoiding boredom. Later I had to get the Daily Fundamentals, and those were even more satisfying because they are set in daily reviews of the main subjects: Language arts, Math and Reading/Comprehension, and it can be used as a morning warn up.
Evan-Moor Daily Fundamentals

Another favorite series of mine are the skill sharpener and Daily Summer. We just finished Grades 1-3 this June/July. And as you might see my collection is growing😏. If you are struggling with your little ones in any subject and would be interested in give Evan-Moor books a try, I am sure you would  never regret.

Talk to you soon!!!

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