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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Some of my favorites books to learn with my children.

One of the beauties of home- education is that you have the freedom to choose and adapt the learning process, plus
Spell & Writeindividualize it to each child as needed. Almost 4 years ago I was introduced to this serie of workbooks and fell in love. At the time we were working on relearning writing and basic spelling and this books worked very well.

I just love how the subjects are put I a way that keep the child engaged, learning and avoiding boredom. Later I had to get the Daily Fundamentals, and those were even more satisfying because they are set in daily reviews of the main subjects: Language arts, Math and Reading/Comprehension, and it can be used as a morning warn up.
Evan-Moor Daily Fundamentals

Another favorite series of mine are the skill sharpener and Daily Summer. We just finished Grades 1-3 this June/July. And as you might see my collection is growing­čśĆ. If you are struggling with your little ones in any subject and would be interested in give Evan-Moor books a try, I am sure you would  never regret.

Talk to you soon!!!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Nice to meet you!

I have been pushing it back for a I figured it is about time to introduce myself...
Hello to all :)!!!!
And thank you so much for being here. My name is Aline. I am 35 years old and mother of 3 children. I was born in Brazil and after finishing my BA in Law, got married to a Neuroscientist and migrated to the USA. It was a crazy move, I know... By doing that I had agreed to leave everything back and start a new beginning... I had to literally learn a new language and embrace a new culture, while learning how to be a wife and live, for the first time, away from close family and friends. And to add to the midst of a new life adventure, I became a mother within a little over a year forward.
 Life got a little rocky since my son was born and we found out he had a genetic blood disorder, called sickle cell Anemia... Once again I caught myself learning to be something, now a mother, while learning what caring for a child with this disorder meant. It was hard and lonely. I couldn't talk to anyone about it. I had to rely on the internet to learn as much as I could... Oh well... And boy, I did it. At some point, I felt like the crazy lady that would always be expecting a sign of something wrong with my son. Now sometimes I feel sad because it made me never really enjoy his baby phase and always worry too much... He was almost a year old when I became pregnant with our second child. At this point, we knew there was a 25% chance of her having the same disorder, and I went through a lot of mixed emotions... She was a fighter from the beginning. At my first appointment, we found out I had a cyst growing on my right ovary and the first 12 weeks I had to be followed very closely with lots of ultrasounds. Also, the hormonal imbalance made me sick and I ended up losing 5# through this time. She won the battle!!!! 
When I was 36 weeks pregnant, my husband got a new job in another state, so we packed our belongings and moved from RI to NC. Yep, you guessed it right. There we went... My husband driving a big moving truck, tolling our car, beside our toddler and a big O belly preggo lady. 
Less than 2 months later my little girl was born and we found out she also had the disorder.
I was once again loaded with fears... But seeing my children grow and the love and bond they had made my heart full.
Since before having children, we decided that home-education was the path we wanted and as I was, most likely, becoming a full-time stay at home mom, it made all the senses.
When my 2 older children were little all of our time was spent at the living room floor. We would make every single play a way to learn and even when they were having some Baby Einstein DVD time, I was always beside them. So we could interact and they could learn. It amazed me how much they learned and how quickly they absorbed.
When our oldest was 4, he had to be hospitalized for the first time, due to a stroke. And at that time we decided was time to move forward and have our 3rd baby, but this time I was going through an IVF with PGD in order to make sure our child wasn't born with the same disorder as her siblings, and once doing so, we could save the baby's cord blood to give our older children a chance to live Sickle Cell free.
My motivation.My reason.
For so many reasons, and unfortunately, the road towards IVF wasn't a straight one and our son had a second stroke, within 6 months of the first. And while he was at the hospital, I was able to get a referral from my PCP and make an urgent appointment with the Reproductive Medicine Center. I was blessed that at that time, my husband worked for the Medical Center Research, and was already on his Job for 3 years, so we were qualified for medical assistance on this matter. Our IVF journey wasn't so harsh... I conquered all my needles fear and gave myself all the shots. I was so proud of myself for doing that because to tell you a secret... I hate needles­čśë.
Interesting enough, at the one year mark of my son's second hospitalization, we were at the clinic getting my FET...
My third pregnancy was my hardest one. Not physically, but emotionally. I got the sickest of all 3. And when I was 13 weeks pregnant, my son had a 3rd stroke. Long story short, we lived in the hospital for 58 days, while I was carrying our miracle baby. Life became harder and challenging.
In 2014 we welcomed our sweet and fierce baby girl to this world. Her cord blood was saved for her brother since she is 100% matched with him. She was my biggest and healthier baby. You can learn about my son's journey here.
As I already mentioned maybe more than I can count,­čśĆ, life hasn't been easy, but the last 4 years has been tougher. My husband lost his research job a month after my son left the Rehab, and since then to now has been dedicating his time and knowledge to help our son strive., while trying to still be a husband and a father.
We have been through so much and still, I can't put into words how blessed we are.
Since a year ago our middle child has been granted the opportunity to explore her passion. Our son, despite all the limitations, has been able to strive on his violin talent. Our children have been doing great healthwise. And at the beginning of this year, I was presented with an opportunity to work from home while I am still able to be here for my family.
Being in business has been a learning journey for me, but the possibilities and doors it has the potential to lead us, make it all be worthy. So all I do is I just share for a health/wellness company that offers over 50 awesome products like vitamins, coffee, skin care, energy products, and more! As a representative, I get paid to talk to people about the products and the business! And it can be done through social media or just word of mouth! Basically, the more people you talk to, the more your business grows !!!! Curious about what I am doing???? Click here or the link below the picture.
My First Promotion
A few weeks ago, I was also contacted by one of my favorite publishers, as a home-educator, to became an affiliate with them. The opportunity came just in time, now not only we can enjoy our workbooks as I can share it with my fellow home-educators parents or teachers and help my family financially. If you never hear of Evan-Moor workbooks, you need to check them out!!!! It is a great addition as a cross-curricular school work or even as the main curriculum in your classroom or homeschool. And you don't need to just trust my words, check them out!

Daily Fundamentals... One of my favorite series.

Some other facts about me... I love coffee. I am a crocheter. I listen to music, loud on my ears anytime I am too happy or sad. I am crafty.
I also love some quiet time.
My children are my main reason.
Hope you like my blog, and will come back always.
Let me know about you... Comment where are you from and your favorite things to do!!!

Talk to you soon