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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Food Heaven!!!!

Do you love pork fat???
Oh my world😱😱😱.
This is one of my children's favorite food. And I am so happy they love it because this makes me remember of growing up. The problem with it is that it is extra delicious friend, but it is kind of dangerous since it keeps popping everywhere... Up until... I found out a recipe to make it on the pressure pan, without the rubber on the cover.
And guess what???
The pork fat comes out as crunchy as you can ever imagine. No mess and no danger of burning yourself - oh well... I always manage to burn myself anyway😏.
Then the hard part is to make everyone stop to eat it like there is no later or tomorrow.

The recipe is so simple, and I have experimented it with chicken wings and french fries, and let me tell you... It is amazing!!!!
All you need is to place your cube cut and seasoned belly pork fat (or chicken wings, or potatoes) on the pressure pan, put vegetable oil only enough to cover the meat (or whatever is in there:), then cover it with a pan top that fit perfectly the pan, not necessarily the pressure cover, but if you decide on using it, remember to remove the rubber before putting on the pan. 
At first, you will notice a white smoke coming out and this is due to the water content on the meat. Once the smoke disappears or decreases to very small quantity, let it covered for 10-15 minutes and check it. If it is golden brown it is ready to be removed.
I like to place it in a paper towel to remove the extra grease.

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