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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Unfortunately, still we are silent....

September is the Sickle Cell Disorder awareness month, but to us also a month that brings the memories of something I wanted to forget... The first time my baby boy (learn more about him here)  was hospitalized due to a stroke😢.
Yes, both my oldest children were born with this invisible, betrayal and deadly disorder, but even though they both have the same type of the disorder, my daughter, so far has been in the blessed side of having only one hospitalization, at 7 months old due to a splenic sequestration, and I am proud to say that, because of all the learning and studies I did trying to understand my children diagnose, I was able to detect and tell the medical team exactly what to look for and saved her life, as they told me after all.
She, so far, has had mild pain crisis, they are not often and usually manageable with Motrin. She has never required narcotics for pain or needed medical attention for it. I pray she stays this way🙏🙏🙏🙏.
My son, on another hand, never experienced anything major other than dactylitis while teething, and those were always taken care with extra hydration at home, he never caught even a cold up until he was 2 years old, and despite his spleen being enlarged since birth, it never bothered him. He was a very energetic and active little peanut... And then at 4 he started having strokes😢.
I pray someday not to far from now there will be a solution to help the many that are fearing every day for the striking of this disorder.

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