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Thursday, August 16, 2018

[CLOSED]Did anyone said BOGO😱😱😱😱?

Hello everyone,
If you looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite and tone, tighten & firm their skin!
Have you had a baby❓
Lost a significant amount of weight❓ Maybe you’re noticing your age and your skin has lost some elasticity and looks a bit saggy❓
😱😢 Don’t worry! I can help! And I am going to hook you up with my 40% discount plus a FULL TREATMENT FOR FREE!!

The facts about our wraps...

1. It's NOT water💧 weight loss. There isn't one single ingredient in our wrap that would cause water weight loss.

2. it's botanically infused cloth is designed to tighten, tone and firm any area on the body from the neck down where you want to see some instant toning results.

3. They reduce the appearance of cellulite😍

4. One wrap works in your system for 72 hours so you only want to use one wrap every 3 days!📆

5. One wrap is a "sample" but 4 is a full treatment! 🚫DO NOT JUDGE YOUR RESULTS FROM ONE WRAP!!!

6. Drink LOTS of water💧 during the 72 hours your wrap is working in your body! Your results will also be progressive over time.

7. TAKE PICTURES📷!!! Because you're not going to be able to compare and see the difference!!

8. Wraps are NOT meant for lazy people to throw a skinny wrap on and skip a healthy lifestyle. They are designed to go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle hence the reason we have an entire supplement line!

9. Wraps will tighten loose skin from weight loss and pregnancy.

10. Are your results at the gym permanent? Depends on if you're maintaining with a healthy lifestyle, correct? Same with our wraps!! Don't knock them till you try them!

Grab them BOGO 💣💋

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