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Friday, August 24, 2018

Another School year....

Well, I don't know about you all, but I am feeling like time has been flying by way to fast, and I feel so blessed that despite everything we still able to homeschool and I am still able to be 24/7 available for my children and their growth and needs. 
Life has not been easy these last 4-5 years, and especially after all we went through in June-July/2014 plus the afterward of everything, but I need to say that it has been working out and we can't even think to complain, because it would sound ungrateful.
Slowly we are finding what works best for us as a family and trying to incorporate learning and living as a way to go. And we have been so amazed by how accessible things have become. I do have my favorite publisher, and Evan-Moor has become my go-to for pretty much everything. I truly love the way the books are displayed and engaging.
Also, another day we made a trip to the Dollar store and were amazed to find so many good learning material, and for a dollar???? Yes, you read it right.
Since we try our best to do our schooling year round, we didn't take an official summer break, but we have slowed things down. And after all, that goes down with our son's completing another blessed year, now is time to get back at it at full speed. 

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