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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Lately I have been digging deep on this search to find who I am and what is my purpose in life. And I have been amazed by how much information is out there, a lot of it for free, and still I am not the only one struggling in living the every day of life mainly because I feel lost.
If I look for this point of view I would have no "right" to feel depressed or down, because I am living, despite of all, one of my dreams: Being a Mother!
But the strike comes from the fact that even by living our dream, I don't think we are fully prepared to face the full meaning of it.
As of me, for instance, despite becoming a Mama was my biggest dream, I wasn't prepared for motherhood and when it happened and I realized the full meaning of it I couldn't not express my struggle and nonetheless I wasn't​ able to accept it.
We live in a society where everyone is pretending to be experts in everything and is living a perfect life. Then we need to be alike and every single step needs to be compared to what whoever is doing it too.
At some point it feels like if everyone is living in one universe and not we are all part of the same one.
Then I came to understand that when I practice acceptance doesn't mean accepting everything. Means that I understand where something or someone comes from. Means I can be different and everyone can be their own and still we are part of a whole.
I am allowed to struggle, I am allowed to feel sad, I am allowed to feel mad or angry. But the choice is mine whether I want to live it or work it out. And I don't need other approval or appreciation. It needs to come within me and from my heart.
If I cannot make myself content within, no matter what I do to please others it won't count. Because there won't ever be enough and everyone comes with their own bagage of whatever they are made of and I cannot change it. I need to love myself enough to do not be affected by whatever comes my ways.
At the end it is each ones job to be pleased, not mine to please. And when I practice acceptance with myself​ I am able to understand that no matter how much I give or put on to something I cannot do it expecting the other one's positive attitude towards my actions.
Be blessed 😉.

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