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Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to revive a dried out play doh!

If you are a mother or are around children can relate to what I am saying... Doesn't it hurt your pocket and conscience when you see a full pot of playdoh being thrown t the trash can because it is dry?
Yes, it is so sad to see it happening and the just another day I was thinking to myself: ¨Maybe someone has found a way to bring it to life again?¨... So to Google, I went and whoola!
There was the solution!!!!
Tip 1 -  was to put drops of water and keep kneading the play doh until it gets back to its texture. ( Didn´t seem to work in my case since I had a lot of it :(. )
Tip 2 - was to wrap the play doh in the damped paper towel or facial tissue, put it in a plastic container with tight lid cover and leave it overnight!!! It worked so great!!!! And I felt happy that I didn´t have to throw a big pot of play doh my toddler got for Valentine´s Day!!!!

Now, this is one more thing that is going to my Live Life Spending Less Bucket List!!!

Until Next time!!!

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