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Monday, February 27, 2017

Who am I?

It might sounds a little bit off to ask this question at this point and time in life. But in reality I believe many of us go through life without finding out who we are and what is our mission on Earth. Very often we get confused and immersed on our roll in life at a moment and we lose who we are. It is like getting in a room putting on a dress up cloth and forgetting that it is just a part of our duty and not the definition of ourselves.
Lately I was blessed to find someone to guide me on this search to find who I am. Who God created me to be. And what is my mission here on Earth. Still a very long road to go and I feel like giving baby steps on this journey.
At some point I feel like I gave up on me... On my dreams. And I started to try to fit in. I thought I needed to make myself available at all times and by doing it I felt on the illusion that it would reciprocate. I did not created boundaries and it was the worse mistake of all.
I am glad I am on the journey to learn how to love myself again and how to enjoy life the way I am.
It is a long road and I know I might feel like giving up, but this is the time.
I believe we all come to Earth with a mission and no matter what is your believe sistem there is a powerful and Divine energy that move us through our daily battles.
Accepting our mission and understanding that we are here to do our part in the big stage of  life is what take us to the maturity. We are individuals and each and every one comes and have it's own bagage.
As of now, my biggest goal is to learn to be patient and to speak up when it is needed. No more holding up to feelings.Learning that my circumstances doesn't define who I am is a painful part of self growth. Is easy to be tough, smart and beautiful when the road is plain...
Then comes the hard times in life and you learn that you are stronger not by choice but because there is no other ways, you are smart because you still moving forward, and you are beautiful because of your soul.
What others think doesn't express who I am and I am learning to accept it. In fact it makes me happy to find people's true colors.
I know everything shall pass. Today is a new day and tomorrow is only a promise.
Through it all God is teaching me patience and forgiveness.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to revive a dried out play doh!

If you are a mother or are around children can relate to what I am saying... Doesn't it hurt your pocket and conscience when you see a full pot of playdoh being thrown t the trash can because it is dry?
Yes, it is so sad to see it happening and the just another day I was thinking to myself: ¨Maybe someone has found a way to bring it to life again?¨... So to Google, I went and whoola!
There was the solution!!!!
Tip 1 -  was to put drops of water and keep kneading the play doh until it gets back to its texture. ( Didn´t seem to work in my case since I had a lot of it :(. )
Tip 2 - was to wrap the play doh in the damped paper towel or facial tissue, put it in a plastic container with tight lid cover and leave it overnight!!! It worked so great!!!! And I felt happy that I didn´t have to throw a big pot of play doh my toddler got for Valentine´s Day!!!!

Now, this is one more thing that is going to my Live Life Spending Less Bucket List!!!

Until Next time!!!