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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Homeschooling Workbook Review.

For a little while, I have been searching a fun and effective way to help my son with his reading, writing, and spelling. Then I got to watch this lady on Youtube doing her Homeschool Curriculum Hall and one of her books call my attention. It was the Evan Moor Daily Review. I really liked the idea and how helpful the Daily Reviews can be especially on days when things seem to be dragging around. We do a lot,and with the fact that our children need especial attention to keep them healthy makes things even more complex.
So I decided to check Evan-Moor website and just couldn´t get over it. So many good stuff that my compulsive buying mood was activated, luckily I had no funds to go CRAAAAZY, lol.
But I was determined to get something to help my boy, and after reading the reviews I decided to get the Spell & Write Skill Sharpeners from Grades K-2. Despite he being 2nd grade, as we were introducing it and the book seemed fun it was a good idea to review. We are working on it for a little over a month now, and just last week I saw my boy full of confidence picking a book a reading out loud!!!!
I am beyond happy and excited. And his writing is getting so neat!

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