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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Growing Wheatgrass!

Inside for the Second Half Haircut
A couple months ago someone,after watching my son's story, told us about the health benefits of wheatgrass juice or shots - as some would call.
We did our research and sure enough, we found out that it was not only good for our son and daughter which were born with Sickle Cell Anemia, but for all of us. Buying it in a natural store can be very expensive, and we attempted doing it for a little while, but didn´t work. Also taking it as a powder is better than nothing but not good enough for its health purpose. So we gave up since we do so many things that are equal or more important in this matter for the children.

Couple weeks ago I managed to go online and buy us a 1 pound bag of wheatgraIt'sand experiment growing it myself. It's pretty easy! But you might have to go through some errors and try on before you be successful.
My first experiment did not work since our kitchen is very humid. But the second time I decided to place it on our deck as soon as the seeds were sprouting and I was happily surprised by how fast and strong it grew.
One container can be cut and last us 4 days, time enough to get the other one on time for cutting!!!
2 days worth Wheatgrass Juice! And saves us $15.
My Wheatgrass Garden

Sunday, September 18, 2016

I'm addicted!

For quite sometime I have been hearing people talking about Pinterest and how addicted they got with it, but I didn't pay much attention or was that curious about it.
Wasn't until I started to go searching for some cute baby Crochet pattern and was directed to Pinterest:)!
Now I just can't get enough of it, lol. And most of the times I even forget about my other social media.
I just love Pinterest and have been using it to inspire me on my "more natural" day to day and what not's!!!!
It is a big hand also on our homeschooling journey!
Happy Pin everyone!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

OMG... my Kombucha brewing is growing so big!!!!

Back in June 2016, I made a post about the Kombucha tea and how excited I was to be able to get my own brewing process thanks to a very dear friend of my husband.
Yes, I have been making my own portion of goodness and it has been growing!!!! This is only one of my 4 pots I have going on right now, and a few ones I just started from my own brewed tea.
The best recipe I found and use is the one that asks for 1 cup of sugar, 1 bag of black tea and 3 bags of green tea for each liter of water to make the tea that will ferment with the scoby.
If you don´t have a scoby and doesn´t have a friend to share with you, all you need is to buy a bottle of Kombucha Original, put it in a pot  using the tea recipe above and let it ferment in a dark place for 3-4 weeks. After that you just keep repeating the tea process, only it will take less time to be ready to consumption. And don´t forget, while bottling your brewed batch to leave about of 10% of your ready kombucha as a starter juice for the new batch on the scoby.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Laundry Soap.

For about 3-4 months now I have been adventuring and doing my own laundry soap. It has been not only joyful the process of making it, but the way it makes the clothes feel and smell, as well as it has helped our Family to save money.

With 3 little ones, is amazing how much loads of laundry you go through. And before making my own soap we would be buying it pretty much every month. Now with the same amount we would spend on a month supply of laundry detergent I can probably get the ingredients needed for a whole year supply.

I have seen many recipes online and have tried a couple. But I like to keep things simple and able to fit on my day without too many complications. All I use on one batch is:
 4 cups of Washing Soda
4 cups of Borax 

1 bar of soap (you can use pretty much any kind you like)

As I let it in a powder form. I cut the soap into small pieces and put it with the other ingredients in a food processor to make it usable on cold water as well.

After the ingredients are mixed and powdered I store it in a big plastic container with locking lid and use one measurement for each load.

Also as a fabric softener, I have been using White Vinegar  or the mixture of 2 cups of Apple Cider Vinegar for a Gallon of Water, and 40 drops of my favorite essential oil: lemongrass.