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Thursday, July 14, 2016

To me, the king of the Essential Oils: Lavender!

I believe it was 3-4 years ago when my husband was introduced to the World of Essential Oils. As we went on learning about the health benefits of adding it to our daily life, there wasn´t a single issue we faced that we didn´t run immediately to see which one would be more specific for what. We have learned a lot about essential oils and today we just cannot live without it :)!
If for any reason I am to choose one that would be the only one on hand anytime, would be lavender!
I especially have used it and am a proof that it works!!! My first experience was when I was pregnant with baby #3. Being pregnant in Summer months are very challenging, and I remember that I faced yeast infection once on my first pregnancy. Using medications is my biggest fear... but this time was different as I run for the oils and learned that lavender would do the job. Yes, a simple drop in the washer is all that takes!!
Then came baby shots... and believe it or not we never had to use Tylenol or lost a night of sleep, all thanks to the use of Lavender EO. We usually give her a massage before the shot, and once we are back home we keep passing Lavender on the site, legs, feet and back massage.
Also, we use Lavender to avoid mosquitos bite, stuffy nose, and allergens.
It´s hard to believe, but we go through a lot of Lavender!!! We use the Now essentials, and see no difference from the most expensive one.

A bottle like this would last no more than
 2 months for our family.

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