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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Do you have a Hero?

I think we all had this fantasy about the cartoon heroes when we were little. And many of us would truly wish we would become one of them someday.
Many times in life we might encounter a life Hero. Someone that had gone through a real life battle and came out of it to not only be a testimony but to inspire us. I know for myself I have been able to meet a few ones, but never in my life I would imagine that my biggest life Hero would be someone that happened to be my own child.
Just 2 years ago, on this coming Sunday, we were coming home for a long Hospital stay. It was 58 days of tears, learning, celebrating little things and wondering what would be the next step. The coming home was long wanted and waited, but I confess that I was terrified. Can you imagine coming to your house and your 5 almost 6 years old is not even able to sit on its own?
The simple day-to-day thing was overwhelming. But we relied on our unit. And we were blessed with so much support that would be unfair trying to name just a few.
Today is hard to even think about all of that. And even when I am taken to remember those horrifying days, it fills my heart to know that this is a story in our past.
My Life Hero - Caesar Sant
He overcame! Mostly because of his persistence. It was just intriguing how could he still smile and find a way to not let the situation take him down. I still remember the day a psychologist came to his room at Rehab and while talking to him she asked him where he was and he said ¨home¨, I looked at him in panic and she told me not to worry because she could see that he had a very strong will and when she asked him: ¨is this your house?¨ He answered with a sarcastic smile ¨no, my house is in another city. I live there¨.
I guess he was right. There wasn´t his house, but we were there, all of us tucked in a room. Despite all he had his family, so it should be home.
Yes, I have a life Hero, and he just happened to be my son!!!
If you want to learn more about Caesar story and his progress please check his Facebook Page and feel free to like and share it.
Be blessed everyone!

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