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Friday, June 24, 2016

Why we homeschool?

Very often I get people assuming that the reason we homeschool I children is because they were born with Sickle Cell Anemia. In fact, I got it from some close family and friends, what really intrigues me.
NO, the real story is that we have talked and decided to homeschool and invest in our children´s education far before they were born.
One of my favorites playtime as a child was pretend school. And one thing that my husband and I always agreed on is that we wanted to be the ones responsible for our children´s education and academic knowledge.
It can be hard and sometimes I feel like is too much and I am not able to handle it. But at the end of the day this is our family project and it is working. They take private music lesson since they were 2 years old and  started supplementary Math and Reading at Kumon around the same time. We believe in presenting them the opportunity and they are the ones leading.
At home we make all the experiences be a learning time. And anytime they ask about something we feel like they are ready to learn about it. So learning is fun!
There is no TV, and as they were born listening to classical music we don´t need to say anything, they are the ones turning on the stereo and choosing the classical they want to hear that day. Meanwhile is not a surprise to be listening to the same piece over and over again, while each one picks a spoon or a stick and pretend they are in an orchestra. Now even the 18 months old do the same :-)!
Our children are very social. They enjoy and are very comfortable around people. Also, they can distinct when is time to have fun and to be serious. Seeing them dancing and having a good time in a Party would make anyone jaw go down, knowing that they are homeschooled and listening to the Homeschool stigma: ¨Homechoolers are antisocial!¨.
We are very happy and pleased so far! And looking forward to starting our baby girl on the path her sibling are, as soon as she is ready. And believe me, she is already leading the way.
This is how they start ;-)!

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