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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Some material we use in our homeschooling!

When you think about a Homeschool you can for sure picture tons and tons of papers and books. And the thoughts about you being the one planning and giving your child the academic education can be overwhelming at first.
I think the beauty of homeschooling is that there is no ¨one rule fits all¨ and you go as it works the best for your children and for your family. 
For us, homeschool is like part of your daily basis since our kids were very little. And we could see how they are and what would work for each one. And as we got more in depth with homeschooling and they reached the school age we were so amazed to find how much material you can have for almost nothing or free available.
As of now the 2 major subjects for our children are Math and Music. It goes hand to hand. Reading and comprehension is something that came natural, since they started Kumon early, and by the time they were 4, both were reading fluently.
One thing we learned with our children is that they are ready and have no patience to stuck in textbooks and instructions. They like to see and try things. So it's much workable to explain something with the example than try to talk with them or read an endless instruction. Mostly we learn while playing, and it has been since they were very little. They learned colors, numbers, sorting and quantity while playing with blocks, for example.
Here are a few websites where we get our worksheets:

For books, we love very much many of the Carson Dellosa Publishing, like the grades specifics workbooks and all the supplementary ones.

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