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Monday, June 6, 2016

For many, it wouldn´t be possible 2 years ago...

As the days are passing, it is hard to enjoy it and do not remember where we were 2 years ago....
The memories cannot be erased from our minds, but seeing how far my warrior has come makes us believe that there something very special about his life.
I remember talking with someone, exactly a month after we were home from our long stay at the hospital, and she, after hearing me telling her what had just happened, told me that she felt it was the proof that my son had a beautiful soul and his mission on Earth was a strong and powerful one.
I remember her words very often.
Here we are, 2 years ago! And when so many involved in his care primarily could not believe he would be able to even walk, we have been facing serious adventures from his side! Yes, thankfully for a very loving family, a beyond everything imaginable dedicated Father, and Godly provided friends support we made it to where we are. Many people have been asking how is Caesar doing since this month mark 2 years of his last stroke... Here is a video update on his progress so far. We still haven´t got him to have his transplant done and have been working on it as our goal!
Life hasn´t been easy! And many times we feel like we are not making it to the end, but this warrior and his sisters make sure that we are not even able to believe that give up is an option!

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