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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kombucha Tea!

Our 2nd big batch!
 If you have never tried it before, there are a million good reasons why you should.
Kombucha tea is very good for your overall health. The bad side of it is that a simple bottle can be very expensive if you think of it as a daily supplement. And I can guarantee you that once you try it, it is impossible to live without it!
A few years ago, someone told us kombucha tea and advised us to implement it on our children health managements as a daily supplement. One bottle would last no more than a week, and give the fact that we all enjoyed it a lot, we found some way to make our own.
We bought the starter kit from a brewer, and it was at our home after little over a week, but somehow our first try was a big fail. We gave up, and as we do so many things all together we kinda forgot about the kombucha tea.
It was until a couple months ago, we went to visit a long time friend of Lucas and when we were leaving, after an amazing afternoon, he mentioned and showed us his batch. We told him our story with trying to make our own to save money... then he gifted us with a kombucha SCOBY :).
It has been a good 2 months that we are making our own and drinking it.
My daughter and I cannot live without it. And it has helped me so much with my constipation issues!
I´ll be forever thankful for this amazing friend kindness!

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