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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Breaking the Sickle Cell Cycle.

Today marks the 2 years since my son had his 3rd stroke. As I anticipated I have the feeling this month is going to be very hard, emotionally, since it is hard for me to go on and don´t remember what happened 2 years ago.
It has been a long and hard journey and living it has brought a lot of different experiences.
But I´ve decided that instead of crying about those memories that I wish I could erase from my mind I wanted to think about how helpful would be to let others know that there is a way to break the Sickle Cell Cycle.
Unfortunately, I only learned about it after my daughter was born, not that I regret having her, but I wish I could prevent her from being born with Sickle Cell Anemia, as well.
It was down the road, and a year after my second child was born, very often I would have a strong feeling that I wanted to get my tubes tied. I even mentioned it to my husband a couple of times, while I would be researching and reading about the options available. One day, while reading some of it I came across an article about a family that had a child with SS and decided to go through IVF to have another baby because they wanted to give the son 2 gifts: A sibling and a chance to live free of Sickle Cell.
After reading their story I was curious about his process they went through and was surprised to learn that it wasn´t a brand new procedure and still people wouldn´t talk about it or would have misconceptions about it and consequently be against.
I felt like this came to me for some reason, and at that moment, I cried. It was like I was being prepared for something. 
Sure enough, I knew I wasn´t supposed to go ahead and tie my tubes. And I felt like it would come a time when I would need to use the knowledge I got from all those reading and the strength and inspiration of the Fearless Love.
The time came, and despite so many information being already out about the IVF with PGD, still a lot to be available to everyone to know or access. And it started by the own Medical community that is not educated about it.
Yes, the only way to break the Sickle Cell is helping couples to be able to prevent their babies from being born with this rootless disorder, and it is only feasible through IVF with PGD.
We went through this process and were able to conceive our 3rd and miracle baby in 2014. Exactly when I was 12 weeks pregnant, we had to rush to the hospital with our son. There we lived for 58 days and left knowing that we were having another princess and despite our son not being able to even sit on his own, we were thrilled to know that there was still hope. To learn about his struggles please check this NatGeo Documentary and to see how he is doing today or help him keep progressing while waiting on his transplant visit his Facebook Page.
If you have questions about my IVF process feel free to ask in the comments as well as if I get enough requests I will be putting a blog post about my IVF cycle.
Until next time :)!

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