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Saturday, May 21, 2016

9 years ago...

It has been some time since my last post. This month was a really crazy one, and somehow a very overwhelming month for me, emotionally. I just cannot believe it has been 9 years since I left the warmness of my family and embraced a new chapter of life in a Country where I didn't know much of its culture neither could I speak its language...
Nine years... And sometimes it feels like an eternity.
Grandpa'sFarm - Place where I would spend most of
 my off school time
So much had I lived on this years... so much have I learned... so much have I laughed... and I have cried more than I wished for.
But on this new chapter I have taken the biggest lesson of a lifetime: Appreciate where I came from!
Yes, I learned that I was a few lucky one that even though was born in a very humble family,  I had everything I needed to not be left without my need met. My Parents had family and friends that were always there for us. And this is not the same for everyone, and unfortunately, the ones that didn't have it sometimes don't know how to live with the fact that good people exist and not everyone had a miserable life as their and are poor in spirit.
Gosh, how much I miss being just able to chat with my siblings. Talk pretty much about nothing in special, just silly things and laughing. How much I miss going to Grandpa's farm and enjoy the simplicity of being in Nature.
Growing up I learned that I didn't have to have much to be happy. I had a family that loved me the way I was. I had friend's and family that admired me for what I am. I had family and friends that wanted to see me exceed and get anywhere I could possibly dream of being.
But, also I have learned that I can adapt. I learned that I am stronger than I might look.
I learned that sometimes dreams are beautiful but we have to endure the hardship that it comes with.
For sure, I left a lot behind to be here. And once here I embrace one of my biggest dreams: To be a Mother. And even though most of the times I feel like I am not the way I wish I could be, I don't feel like I wish time would go back to change it.