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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Jewelry Box!

Since she knew we would be the great part of the day by ourselves at home, she started to make a to To Do list ;-).
And the very special thing on this list was a Jewelry box she saw on her crafts book.
As we couldn't find a box with lid in the house, we had t make it from scratches. Luckily I had art class when I was in middle school and have learned quite a bit. Besides, I love those activities and I am glad she not only likes it too but enjoy making things.
So, we had some hard foam board. I cutted the pieces and hot glued it to make the box and lid. And covered it with fabric, her color choice, and paper. Then came her favorite part of all: decorating!!!
Then on this phase all I did was put the glue on the spots she asked for.
It came out beautiful and the best part of all... She loved it!!!

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