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Friday, April 1, 2016

From the children's mouth....

After we become parents, is very easy for we lack ourselves and neglect our bodies. I remember soon after having my second baby, as I was nursing I got rid of a good junk of pregnancy weight, but there was the last 5 pounds that no one could really see it, since I've been always a tiny person, but the scale wouldn't forgive and it was mainly on my belly site. And on top of it being making me sad, I was feeling it on my feet. At that time, even a 5 minutes standing would make my feet swell.
Working out with 2 little ones, specially when you don't have family and friends around to help, can be a good challenge. And even my husband would be incentivizing me to go to our condo Gym while he was home, it would have to be too early and wouldn't be something I was going to be able to pursuit often.
As I was due for a physical,  I asked to be checked for bone density. Sure enough, I was having some low numbers on my hips and needed to start something to avoid it becoming an issue. Then I discovered the home workout...
At first, it was challenging but feasible, I could get it did any time and soon it became something fun for the whole family. The first 3 months I did 12-15 minutes of HIIT, every day. And I saw the results very quickly. It made me happy and confident with myself! After 3 months my husband joined me. Then came all the craziness in life, with our son getting sick, and we starting IVF, getting pregnant and my son being hospitalized and needing a lot of support. No, I don't feel like it was a excuse, but after all my body became lazy and I just couldn't feel motivated enough to go back.
Then couple months after I had  our 3rd child, my son looked at me and asked: "Mama, do you have a baby in your belly?" Yes, he remembers how fit I used to be, how much happier I was and I had more energy to spend with them.
As I thought about it, I realize that getting myself back on track is not something good just for me and my body. It is essential for my family.
My children want me happy and confident.
And to start I began this fun Challenge I did back in Sep. 2013...
                                                   30 Days Squat Challenge -BodyRock

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