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Friday, April 15, 2016

Everyone has its own gift.

Being a parent of multiple children, as pretty much anything in life comes with lots of discovering and adapting.
As human beings, we have this habit of always comparing ourselves. Sometimes it might feel like anything we are, have or do are not enough, because someone is better. And on this way of trying to match and being like, we get lost and forget to appreciate what we are.
It is common to compare our children among them and try to fit them in the what to expect guides of parenthood.
I remember when I got pregnant with my son, I already had a little experience with babies and children, since I am the first born of  a big family and grew up around many babies and little ones, but I wanted to learn more, besides, it would be my own child. Then I came across this article, where a child development specialist said that the worse mistake a new parent do is trying to believe those New Parents guides book are the manual for raising your child.
True enough. My son was a really mature baby, and despite being ahead development-wise, even though he was born with Sickle Cell Anemia, he wasn't speaking words probably until he was 2. I remember mentioning it on his 18months well visit, and his doctor telling me that it was fine for him not saying words, because he could understand and follow directions, he was in a multilanguage environment, and the doctor added, "I don't know any 18months old that understand music as your son" ;).
True enough. My son was very young and we could see how into the music he was. He couldn't even stand yet, but he knew what he wanted and would be fussy until we put music for him. As soon as he could sit and stand up on his own, he loved to watch and imitate the conductors in the orchestra.

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