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Monday, March 7, 2016

My Miracle...

As we celebrate your 15 month of life today, I feel the urge to write something about your meaning and how much I wanted and loved you, since you were not even a possibility.
While trying to put my words and thoughts on place I kept going back to the day and I can even see the reaction of the Physician when I said I was going to pursuit having you. And his disbelief was not because he knew I couldn´t but because he thought it was extreme. Why would someone put herself through an IVF procedure if she already had children.
The road until here hasn´t been an easy one. But I feel like everything falls apart when I see how well you match and complete us.
It hursts me and makes me deeply sad, when I hear people saying that you were just the donor, or even when someone suggests that you are a result of hormonal stimulation or whatever.
You are my angel.
I just can´t believe that after so many years people still can´t get over it and just try to see the reality.
I believe that God gave us the willing and the tools to make the World a better place, and I just don´t understand why break a cycle of something that was men created is ¨playing God¨.
Then I realize that maybe bringing you to our World is my mission to help others. And why not?

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