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Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Special Easter!

Exactly on this day back in 2013, as my son was rushed to the hospital having the second stroke, something got stucked in my throat. And I remember getting to my computer and sending a message to the Reproductive Medicine Clinic in my area. I was just to anxious to wait for them to message me back and decided to go ahead and contact my health insurance and my primary Physician about our decision and need to have the IVF procedure in order to have our thrid child...
I'm very thankfull that my PF was very eager to help and was quickly to send the referral to the clinic as it was a requirement from the Health Insurance.
The process was a long one, and the wait was just full of fears and delays... But it was exactly 1 years later, exactly the same day and at exactly the same time I was shooting the first email, on the 27th of March of 2014, our angel was making her way back to my womb!
As we celebrate Easter, I just came across this reading of my Church's Periodic about the Resurrection and Human Sufferings. While reading the text my mind took me back to all this memories, and looking at my baby now I can testify that it was all for a reason and all of it makes me feel like I want to start a new chapter of life, and this is the spirit of Easter.

Happy Easter!!!!!

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