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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring by a 6 years old!

When I was little and even today, one thing that always annoyed me was being compared to someone. No matter how much I loved or didn't care about that one, but it always made me feel like if what I was good at had no meaning. Then I learned to ignore it and just leave with the fact that nobody is alike and if people cannot appreciate my best is, this is not my problem.
As a parent, I very often can spot my children facing the same issue. And as much as I try to teach them and let them know that we all have particular specialties I know them cannot really understand or accept it, just yet.
It just happens all the time, and today morning as we were spending some time in the living room, my son was complaining that his sister can draw and he can't... Yes, this is true, she started drawing she was 3 years old, and her drawings are very heartwarming, as you all can see. But he is great at music. As I was trying to make him understand it, I just mentioned to him that we can always do better when we practice and that some people don't need as much practice in something if it is one's ability.
I guess he got it and knowing that she is a good painter made my daughter's day! And it made my day seeing her happiness! Then I thought I would share her piece if you all!!!! Why not???
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Source of All Suffering

At the end is everything in our mind.




Sibling's love!

I won't lie that many times I have felt so guilty, and quite to often sad by the fact that even knowing the risks of having another child with Sickle Cell Anemia, we moved forward and decided to take the chance... And it used to hurt me a lot and many times I have felt angry when I heard this question: "Why would you take the risk if you knew the possibility?" 
I just wished that by the time we decided to move ahead, I have heard of the alternative: In vitro.
One thing I knew for sure, and deep on my heart, was that coming from a big family and having many siblings I wanted this to my child. From my friends that were the only child, I learned that the best gift my parents gave me other than been there for me, was giving me siblings. And because of that I had a great childhood, and cherish many memories.
The beginning of my second pregnancy wasn't easy as my first one. As the same time I was growing a baby, there was a cyst growing on my right ovary, and I had to be followed closely. And because of the hormonal imbalance caused by the cyst I had very bad morning sickness and lost a good 6 pounds on the first 12 weeks.
But my baby was a fighter from day one. She was stronger and she took her space and she made it to 41 weeks!!!!
Then came the reality check... Yes, she was born with Sickle Cell Anemia too. And unlike her big brother she was hospitalized (Thank God, the only one from date) before she turned 1. 
And seeing what she means to us, I am learning that there is a reason why she made it.

It amazes me how can a little person be so full of wisdom. She gives us strength. She keeps us together. She makes us feel like we need to be better. We need to do more.
She is the best sister, the best daughter and very likely the best friend someone could have.
Today, despite the guilty, I can see that she came for a mission and she is sure following it through.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Special Easter!

Exactly on this day back in 2013, as my son was rushed to the hospital having the second stroke, something got stucked in my throat. And I remember getting to my computer and sending a message to the Reproductive Medicine Clinic in my area. I was just to anxious to wait for them to message me back and decided to go ahead and contact my health insurance and my primary Physician about our decision and need to have the IVF procedure in order to have our thrid child...
I'm very thankfull that my PF was very eager to help and was quickly to send the referral to the clinic as it was a requirement from the Health Insurance.
The process was a long one, and the wait was just full of fears and delays... But it was exactly 1 years later, exactly the same day and at exactly the same time I was shooting the first email, on the 27th of March of 2014, our angel was making her way back to my womb!
As we celebrate Easter, I just came across this reading of my Church's Periodic about the Resurrection and Human Sufferings. While reading the text my mind took me back to all this memories, and looking at my baby now I can testify that it was all for a reason and all of it makes me feel like I want to start a new chapter of life, and this is the spirit of Easter.

Happy Easter!!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Step One, Balance!

I'm glad, as I was so fresh from reading an inspirational text and decided to search for things that would help me fill my mind with thoughts of moving forward, I came across to this teaching.


Monday, March 7, 2016

My Miracle...

As we celebrate your 15 month of life today, I feel the urge to write something about your meaning and how much I wanted and loved you, since you were not even a possibility.
While trying to put my words and thoughts on place I kept going back to the day and I can even see the reaction of the Physician when I said I was going to pursuit having you. And his disbelief was not because he knew I couldn´t but because he thought it was extreme. Why would someone put herself through an IVF procedure if she already had children.
The road until here hasn´t been an easy one. But I feel like everything falls apart when I see how well you match and complete us.
It hursts me and makes me deeply sad, when I hear people saying that you were just the donor, or even when someone suggests that you are a result of hormonal stimulation or whatever.
You are my angel.
I just can´t believe that after so many years people still can´t get over it and just try to see the reality.
I believe that God gave us the willing and the tools to make the World a better place, and I just don´t understand why break a cycle of something that was men created is ¨playing God¨.
Then I realize that maybe bringing you to our World is my mission to help others. And why not?