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Friday, September 4, 2015

Most wanted and waited...

As I woke up today, and checked the calendar a thought just came to my mind and a feeling that took over my heart. September 4th... It happened to be the date, the birth date of the day we decided to bring a new addition to our family. The circunstances were of sadness in one hand. We were about to leave the hospital after a 4 days stay with our Prince Caesar. It was the first hospitalization in his life and due to Sickle Cell Anemia.
We were having lunch and packing our belongings, when the doctor came to show us the images of his brain. But at that point I had already told my husband that my wish was that our son would have the transplant. Then we told them.
It is hard to think that it took so long, and despite all that we went through on our way until today, looking at our children, and how beautiful and matched our kids are we can only thank God.
The road until here almost broke us apart... But now we feel it strenghted us.
We still one unit!!!! We are a family!!!!
And today we celebrate life!!!!! We are so gratefull for our babies!!!!

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