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Monday, October 13, 2014

Why do it again?

One question people always have in mind and sometimes it cannot be avoided when you already have one child with a genetic disorder, is if you knew the risk why conceive another child? It is not only from the outsiders, and I have to confess that so many times I have felt guilty for allowing my daughter to be born with Sickle Cell Anemia, too. Yes, we knew the risk and very often it hurts to live with the fact that she got it, just like her brother. But then comes times when all we can think is how would life be if she wasn´t here? I feel like the best gift we can give to our children, as a parent, is a sibling. Yes, they will dispute and have arguments, but they will be buddies for life. During all the hardship we have faced in the last years, she was the one making us strong and keeping us together. Then I realized that I am not allowed to contest God´s will. She was a gift from Heaven! She couldn´t be here if wasn´t to be. During my first Trimester, we lived with the fear that she wouldn´t make it as I was growing a cyst in my right ovary at the same time I was growing her... But she was strong, and she won her first battle! She teaches us every day how to be wise and strong. How to be patience. Yes, our world turns a mess if she has a crisis, what we were blessed to experience for not even a hand full of times, and think about she being in the hospital for the first and only time to date, when she was 7months old,makes my heart ache. But are moments when they are best buddies, what happens pretty much all the times, that make me believe it was worthy and fill me with the courage to do what takes to give her and her sibling and deserved and fair life.